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The French Dillemma !

During this breakout many French circles are believing PM Villepin as behaving weaker to World Issues or keeping low profile instead of facing or leading .But I found PM Villepin a strong advocate of matters when Iraq situation erupted and he was also interpreting Americans and USA very well infact as the World Leaders face crisis of reading the actual target of USA or comprehending where is the line the breaking point .How much is the 'Lasaiz Faire '?. The FREETRADE POLICY which is mingled into GLobalisation but that will obviously breed a very rigid policy like Germany or Japan say California with extreme checks and balances too in a Global World as very large Super Corporations are investing/risking to create a common world for/with thier Franchises .The Governments that mostover afford to contest Globalisation, and are busy with local producers under International instructions who are getting ultra faire and honestly everywhere FREETRADE is in hands of Criminals and Corrupt Officials today but as The Globalists come in who also will enjoy Industrialisation and Privatisation comforts and The Governments will charge lot of Money as Globalists will however readily spill lot of Money on Global Security and Comforts which Senior Governments like France and European Union Secretaries other Regional Offices from South Asia ,Central Asia,Africa should now rest assure Governmental Assistance will not create a fashion of Bribery and Instead the convenience is precured through more Consul jobs instead of letting waste future relation .The World Trade Organisation which is facing a stalemate and it is hard to have guessed as who is going to take initiative because it is a Official Table when it comes to States and Govrenments however Globalisation and Free Trade are compatable words but in different easy english .FREE TRADE to go with your product anywhere but that product has to be complying within heath and modren technology and marketting [here availability of lobals Standard Product in case of Packing Shipping and Customs etc] comforts and standards . The Rigid ity shoulds begin by receipt interaction as where is 'Bennaton' taking Sri Lankan Shirts or Where is Calvin Klein boots ,produced in Bangkok and flown to Dallas free of watches . Howcome Australia is exporting Beef to Punjabis? So FREETRADE was creating a kind of Transit Interaction fairly firstclass [Say International] of Production and Trade and the Capital Receipt stays in Washington or London! The FREETRADE does however coincide with my INDUSTRIALISATION ,but then how is world to understand ,,,,haha i read it ? The ..what i call NAFTA[NAF is tube which passes food from Preganant Mothers stomach to Boby] [a Root Canal] or NAFDEC [Earlier a National Film Development Corporation was created by Trudea Government in Canada ,here the movement of Market Products is visible to County Sheriff only or absulutely Invisible at all! and SAPTA [Septic Borders] are intermediation negative and in principle a hurdle and support the Regimes which are losing Government to Regional Power Rollers .

Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist. World Statesman.

Definitely France has reacted to 'Islamic Regime ,but France was infact an advocate of The International Conspiracy which's lawyers a Mr Martinue and Co [CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS]from France are seated well in Pakistan and followed to serve a Coup D Etat of Brigadier Imtiaz who announced he was about to blast Pakistan's then Primeminister Benazir Bhutto and her children with a Grenade . Imtiaz however walked into PM Office house easily considering himself a Hero but suddenly he could not secure Electronic Media and Petersburg looked like an 'empty jar' with a lonely girl holding knife spoon bread . The present Military Junta has many common grounds with Imtiaz too but a grand drama in Air and on Ground was staged before this batch could take charges de facto of Pakistan. The definition should be amplified to explain Islamic REgime was created by USA.s Henry Kissinger and Pakistan's Ali Bhutto .Ali Bhutto as he called in UK and France and favoritely spent fortunes on Seville Row suits and European Asessorie to improve his inferiority complex for feeling ordinary in Pakistan and win toasts from Eurpeon Tours. Kissinger/Bhutto created ISLAMIC CONFERENCE which cajoled Gaddafi ,Idi Amin and King Faisal, and other Hardliners but primarlity did thier duty of creating a regional vision for Washington! Bhutto who acted Secular announced Pakistan as an Islamic Republic ,he went over in authority from his 'dad' and Former Pakistani Military Dictator who was ousted by A Great Democratic Movement and his regime started behaving as Islamic Republic and over Ayubs family which however maintained thier Conventional ties with Muslim League . Bhuttos hoever returned to find themselves warning thier followers 'we are no more socialist but we advocate 'poor'.Bhutto was followed by another General from a lower strata of Panjabi Villagers 'Mullahs' and his Aryanism recreated Islamic Regime but on harder grounds with Fundamentalism and so many Islamic Groups with all kinds of Pyramidding and more conveneient towards USA and Americanism too . The Regime wasted very precious time rom USA USSR Cold War period and heldback 'Pakistani Confidence' uptil creating worst bloodshed allover Pakistan and provocating all kind of Prejeduce and Discriminations in name of Islamic Regime . Zia was followed by Direct US Rule of COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENTS of Bhuttos daughter backed by Harvard Oxford Third World Students and Professors ,and a Pakistani Business and Industrial Magnate with Middle Class Lahore family tendencies backed by Prince Abdullah now Monarch of Saudis . Both governments took chances to rule but failed to International Mafias and Carpetbagging .The Brig., Imtiaz [Discrimination] factor created a French [Fourth World] and UK [One even] class of globe walkers from BBC and Rueters etc who control IT and Education in General allover Pakistan that has enrolled a whole world of public from lowest earts with Christian Backgrounds and Islamic Names and Secular Homes ! Shahzada Sher SaddozaiGraphic Communication Technologist and World Statesman.
Here is my blog note to yesterday's Press Statement of PM Villepin. I hope you enjoy!
. The Republic must face The Nation as 2005 is new year to Napoleonites or Gaullists .What is The Republics name ,AND ARE THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS CHOKING OR LAUGHING THEN. ? France should be told at least There is One Regime and this is truth their cannot be Two Alleons or two Zionist counters the Illiad doesnt need be writ allover and Waterloo is single phase Trade Distributor but there cannot be allowed a International Power Distribution unless power is particularly defined! Republics are source of Power they never subjugated under a World Order unless there is a Conspiracy any division in Mankind today needs a Caption or leaves a tailgate . For long after the fall of 1857 Delhi the long march of public has reached the endhi galley of The Subjects Will Rule and All Will See!
Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist.World Statesman.


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Just today as Pakistanis celeberate the birthday of their National Poet Lareatte Sir Mohammad Allama Iqbal who himself was born into 'Mullah' aryan family in District of Sialkot. Sir Iqbal enjoyed Lahore in his professional and literate life with Aristocrats the regular Trio of Dr Jogindar Singh , Sir Iqbal Nawabzada Zulfiqar Ali Khan always frolicked together at The Nawabzada's Queens Road Kothi .

Kaisi Patay ki baat Joginder ne kal kahi,
motor he kitni khamosh see Zulfiqar ki.

Sir Iqbal in his elaborate life never showed signs of Inferiority or Anger at Deluxians .

Sir Iqbal singularly motivated the thought of Pakistan aas a purely Muslim Society and combined effort in Pakistan's founding Muslim League's creation and struggle where he shared letters with Mr Jinnah also born with Middle Class Karachi Neigbourhood but led a life of Great Aristocratic Charm . Mr Jinnah once stated'"The creation of a Muslim Nation is going to be one test of our Islamhood."
Lahore that really lost all its Aristocratic families in 1857 Dehli's Company Mutiny and following Sikha roits where Lahore was massacred and looted. Except The Faqir's who served Ranjit Singh and The Qatalbagh who could pay taxes and lived carelessly through Ranjits regime. Sir Iqbal was a great advocate for recreating Lahore's middle class whose flame was carried by Nawabzada Nasarullah also nephew to Nawabzada Zulfiqar .Nawabzada Nasrullah led Lahore all through the British Era when as a Editor of a Urdu Daily and Vice President of Majlis E Ahrar was influential enough in English Circles to avoid a Political Arrest like Mr Jinnah although his Majlis was often banned and others leaders were punished alonwith Indian National Congress Workers in British Jails too. Nasarullah restructured Lahore's middleclass and advocated were simplistic life and fought for Democratic Rule and Parlimentary Government all his life and his lounge turned into a great Drawing room powerhouse in evenings , again untill they laughed in opposition from his 32 Nicholson Road Office as JI and Wali walked Nawaz Sharif a Industrial Magnate Family with Middle Class Lahore tendencies uptil Prime Minister of Pakistan .

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Republic is selling!
are you sleeping !
are you telling!
willyou like Republic again?
Republic is selling

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Posted after Cerfew reached Nice! Southern France City!

Once upon a time it was ordered that ok! Men can carry swords because Women are feeling safer!

Then upon another time it was decreed that Tailor will announce the swordsmen because man men and women are feeling safer !

Another again there was a time that many Swordmen recreated a barrel and announced that go way and women are safer ! Those Barreliers spoke intuition but were ousted and noone was allowed to sponge on their dead meat! Their uniform of Barreliers with was burnt and coins melted .

After some time was another time a shipload of bulletiers smoked up "all for all"! Everyone got a Ballot and all got bullet ! Their[Bulletiers] pin suits and coins were safer! This means that bulletier took the ballot and tightly lipped up himself inside and shut bulletiers outside! Because safer was considered one with "all" and inside and all were left outside everything!but they announced bullet was safer to face dangers of outside and soon ouside safer became bulletiers .

Ah! Now the bulletiers got upearlier than Balloteirs one day and saw clearly with eyes open what balloteirs were doing against all so all bulletiers screamed at ballotiers and ballotiers called "foul"!

The police came in and all were balloteirs who were considered screaming at all and police declared to ballotiers and bulletiers that safer was when didnt call police!

Very soon Police started calling bulletiers and bulletiers divided and divided checked gloves and left and ballotiers created cable and bulletiers came to meet at cable.

In the mean time a new announcement for all came to adhere that meet with police and everything is available when bulletier can get on "all"!
Good Luck!

Shahzada Sher Saddozai!
Graphic Communication Technologist ,World Statesman.

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AHMEDNAGAR! Are you still at school!

Ahmednagar? Tsunami?Gautanamo? Katarina ? ratina? Kashmeeeeeer!
The older Americans used to know when Great Storms wernt due! And the smoked together to thank the clouds .Darker ones especially!
The Japanese could drum storms away!
But again sometimes Fate is Fought too!
Can you imagine?
United Kingdom agreed to fight in Iraq?
A country they made with an military their experts established! established with their margins and education that they catered all the way! Uptill the Generals and [Colo]nels[Kernal] are well estimated infront of Diplomats!
You believe shouting into the mic " we are fighting to preserve Democracy " when World Bank has Billions worth reward for DEMOCRATISATION a wayyy over Britian infact as the Nations experience Transfer of Important Powers to Publics within Regional language and Civil Customs etc but CELEBERATIONS are still awaited and maybe ......soon freedom from the hard hard bench! as The World is waiting GLOBALISED .

First The Soviets swallowed the Invitation Cards to Celeberate their new European Posture and maybe only the knit-ones : KGB Agents around the Former World usually addressed Moscow as "Paradise"
The debuts and picture sessions and prominent Press Statements of Senior Leaders wernt expressed freely : Probably that was the advent of Info Wars .Cover! and Cover ups !

Azerbaijan and Angushtia are serious matter!
Here comes in The Three Kurdistans! [Senior Affairs] USA never had a Senior Affairs Ministery!
Tell me "why should we need to activism against Foriegn Military Presense when in we are seated together! seated together!
The Chechneyan state is serious matter!
The Kazakistan blockade is very serious matter
Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist .World Statesman .

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Tony Blankley, editorial-page editor of The Washington Times, describes the present danger posed by militant Islam and what must be done to counter it in his new book, "The West's Last Chance: Will We Win the Clash of Civilizations?" (Regnery Publishing)

First of three parts MY ANSWER!

This is what I mean although today there is only One Dictation over thw World to rehabilitate and Reconstruct its general Social Economic order back but the Regimes allover the World that are as yet getting full support from US White House and thier Victorious Opposition recieving no recognition from Local or International media .

The Freedom movements in Europe excelled all the through Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol types and US Conservative Press marginalised Americans from an International Movement Cubism ,Pops, Islamic Revolution, Unisex Life , African Equality, Socialist Peace Movements as London itself waited bastion and free haven for them like that of Jane Fonda where you see Kerry in a Picture and Fonda a Hollywood Star Herself and Celeberaities daughter is flanked in Special Agents and Body Gaurds with Pec Sunglasses .There are few rich hippes maybe in Europe and San Fransisco to have a heart to seat through the Great Age of Creation of a World Community and Solidarity towards a World Peace and Equalities of Gender and Races . Ending The long Vietnam War and other Military Regime Cruelty. ]

However today we are looking at the breaches grow between those who marginalised and united for power and those who believed and worked for freedoms which past Politics and swam through Economics and are at frontiers of Merely MONEY and RELIGION . USA: Money is pushed Religionism is fought. US Political Laws really dont have mercy for Christian Church or liberaries dont have definition of Christianity ."he has a little forgiveness in his heart and allowance of manners for our living style now ,Sir!"

"send him im but dont let him touch anuthing!"

The Harvard created 73 Constitution and Islamic Organisation OIC turned out to be a secular conspiracy which cost King Faisal his life from a modrenism seeking nephew . Today Osamas blame list of Saudi Princes lifestyle could raise brows! While Secularists like Hasni and Gaddafi and Bhutto capitalised all sides of US Policy and nerve media and securely. Bhuttos Pakistan lost Economy to USA while non conformist families capitalise with Cars and Houses jobs etc although the state rests with Abrahamoffs and at public level is controlled by a kernelly of Khudder[Gandhis Concept of Cotton] and free load of Whiskey! and all the local boys/girls for exploitation. At another place in the paper Hasni was showing confidence with a new wave of Islamic Permissionability when the Islamists have realised that the next move is to bring a RUM [Dehlilike capital ] home from a exhausted West whichs resignitions are on tables of political leaders [show of Corruption allowing Internation Druf Weapon and Similar Trade and Banking Mafias to Operate freely] while International Press is still ramming new hopes to International Regimes because Pakistan,s Culturists and Former Soviet Supporting Parnership will not recognise Sher and also show themselves openly with spittle seeping down from lips and faces tilted sideways to express hatred . I tell them" I have been fighting with you at my side and my fight was greater and so i fought on further across horizens for Secular Brains to register and since you failed as far socially as Tashkent and i beat Martial Laws and felt you least as you ignored me and felled my Friends with the system anf hoped to raise my Nephews to fight me [Europe from Northside ][Islam and Christians from West Side ][Radical Lower Secular Races Rascism from Southside ][ Non Conformist and Prostitution from East side] simply blocking the full society. I fought your Peshtanze as you united with Foriegners ,Culturists and Even a Senior Khans but time is explained as you felt i will fall like other foriegn graduates this system brings to Settlement's edge or fells on skifrow ,and I fought and you are today fighting The Dictatorship of Masses ,you staked my respectability ,they have staked/contracted yours .I have not settled with Press which is a element itself in The Dictatorship of Masses and The System. And remember The Double Protocol is a blessing but for those who will hold their faith to One Allah and his final apostle Mohammad . He will not fall . And carried on working harder and you put me to test saying"you couldnt be a Harvard? /Ovford Hero or Richer than Industrialists then they both fell and i fought to prove till their Institutions fell weaker to my knowledge MaShahAllah and The Arab Shieks lesser to my running wealth's health [Know ] The time the Regimes are trying to evade is our social weakness . Then again what you professed was Jews Conspiracy of World Dominance was but Gandhis Secular Conspiracy for World Dominance but The Jews talked away and into as Harvards Champions sweated and America chatted to brand new knowledge of Religion and History no'er shown written. But the secularists got exposed as unaccepted to Western Society being Professors of ostracision and cruelty and rascists and I self stand Dominant Mono Victor Lodorum singular World Dictator.

How long will you shy then? Or have you found a Greater answer! .

Hasni and OIC with his Arab Bureacrats that supported and served US Policy while they let thier poblics dilapidate and destroyed Trade to let their Regime alone live prosperous and they slept through as Muslims took the torture of seclusion in Europe and faced blocakades in Asia .

Today Gaddafi is only a waiting for US Recognition as he buys his way through European s shopping and investing in Clubs while all the countries around him have been victimised by Illegal Traders and Gun Western Running Mafias and could there be two . Morocco is safe because it is free foot for CIA . I reassured UN Global Security Forum of UN Foundation "there is no Islamic Terrorism except Senior Intelligence and Pak/India both declared each other for State Controlled Terrorism. The Newyork twin Towers were blown by one Egyptian and One Algerian both nations have victimised Democracy too far with Dollar support from USA and UK and France etc and there isnt another tree to shake for fruit. But Washington had a settlement in view in Afganistan where the CIA wars were regionally on since decades. Baluchistan Kurdistan and Northern Western Politicians and Khans were already being victimised by Political Proteges of USA. Bhutto took Pakistan Army into Baluchistan where a pridicted day of aeriel bombing by Federal Controllers gas begun already. I always point at Washington Protege Government of Islamabad [Diring MS Bhuttos Premiership and Clintons White House ] blessing Osama and Mullah Omar to take Kabul and even applied Pakistan AirForce for them . Now in this Information conscious age tell me, why doesnt a contributor even discuss or a researcher announce " since Osama afforded AirForce to take Kabul why cant we discuss this honestly" I Say "will you believe me when i say" The West is tired Now!" or "are you watching things/affairs from local money supply? Such are Regimes whose Reign time has finished . 9:39 AM

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The Regime's anti modern social and undemocratic behavior should be of no practical value for The EU to wait it too!
Feild Marshal Ayub of Pakistan[Ruled Pakistan 1958 to 1969] , John F Kennedy US President [ Assisinated 22 Nov 1963],Reza Pehalvi of Iran [Detrhroned 1979 Wasted to Cancer 1980], Heathrow Airport [Categorically] Gen Suekarno of Indonesia , and Peers including a long list of African Dictators who left Africa with parched earth and humble skies Regime of Nasser of Egypt are surviving for paying Western Alliance Nations by degrading their Cities and Demoralising their Youths. Jawahar Lal Nehtu indian Secular Congress Prime Minister [ Died 1964]The Secular Regime is today at grave test to hold India united although the Nehru Dynasty has been badly damaged.
Most recent Regime inclusions are all post a high profile assisination . Nujahedeen Leader Ahmed Shah's younger brother and nephews escort a US CIA arranged Government and showy suits and retinues. Angola's Unita Rebels Chief General Swimbis son awaits rescue with almost half a Billion USD in different Banks around Atlantic Nations including a Washington Finance and Security Firm while most rebel leaders have got Government in Angola today. Prominent Pakistan Muslim League leader from famous Nine Stars of Pakistan National Alliance that ousted Mr Bhutto in 1977 Mr Chaudary Zahoor Elahi whose Son assumed both Bhuttos prescribed International High Roller [US President for Lower Racial Roles ] after Zahoor Elahi was grenaded in his automobile 1982] so on...

The Regime has been intelligently arranged to show at it's fullest till least and honestly we write ,fight, and naturally we prevail!Allah Able Enough Enforces His Will!Allah o Akber! Ya Al Azeem!

The following lines of Holy Koran Sura Narrative entrapp the final hours of the situation

[28.58] And how many a town have We destroyed which exulted in its means of subsistence, so these are their abodes, they have not been dwelt in after them except a little, and We are the inheritors,

[28.59] And your Lord never destroyed the towns until He raised in their metropolis an apostle, reciting to them Our communications, and We never destroyed the towns except when their people were unjust.

[28.60] And whatever things you have been given are only a provision of this world's life and its adornment, and whatever is with Allah is better and more lasting; do you not then understand?

[28.61] Is he to whom We have promised a goodly promise which he shall meet with like him whom We have provided with the provisions of this world's life, then on the day of resurrection he shall be of those who are brought up?
[28.62] And on the day when He will call them and say: Where are those whom you deemed to be My associates?

[28.63] Those against whom the sentence has become confirmed will say: Our Lord! these are they whom we caused to err; we caused them to err as we ourselves did err; to Thee we declare ourselves to be clear (of them); they never served Us.

[28.64] And it will be said: Call your associate-gods. So they will call upon them, but they will not answer them, and they shall see the punishment; would that they had followed the right way!

[28.65] And on the day when He shall call them and say: What was the answer you gave to the apostles?
[28.66] Then the pleas shall become obscure to them on that day, so they shall not ask each other.

[28.67] But as to him who repents and believes and does good, maybe he will be among the successful:

[28.68] And your Lord creates and chooses whom He pleases; to choose is not theirs; glory be to Allah, and exalted be He above what they associate (with Him).

[28.69] And your Lord knows what their breasts conceal and what they manifest.

[28.70] And He is Allah, there is no god but He! All praise is due to Him in this (life) and the hereafter, and His is the judgment, and to Him you shall be brought back.

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