Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The French Dillemma !

During this breakout many French circles are believing PM Villepin as behaving weaker to World Issues or keeping low profile instead of facing or leading .But I found PM Villepin a strong advocate of matters when Iraq situation erupted and he was also interpreting Americans and USA very well infact as the World Leaders face crisis of reading the actual target of USA or comprehending where is the line the breaking point .How much is the 'Lasaiz Faire '?. The FREETRADE POLICY which is mingled into GLobalisation but that will obviously breed a very rigid policy like Germany or Japan say California with extreme checks and balances too in a Global World as very large Super Corporations are investing/risking to create a common world for/with thier Franchises .The Governments that mostover afford to contest Globalisation, and are busy with local producers under International instructions who are getting ultra faire and honestly everywhere FREETRADE is in hands of Criminals and Corrupt Officials today but as The Globalists come in who also will enjoy Industrialisation and Privatisation comforts and The Governments will charge lot of Money as Globalists will however readily spill lot of Money on Global Security and Comforts which Senior Governments like France and European Union Secretaries other Regional Offices from South Asia ,Central Asia,Africa should now rest assure Governmental Assistance will not create a fashion of Bribery and Instead the convenience is precured through more Consul jobs instead of letting waste future relation .The World Trade Organisation which is facing a stalemate and it is hard to have guessed as who is going to take initiative because it is a Official Table when it comes to States and Govrenments however Globalisation and Free Trade are compatable words but in different easy english .FREE TRADE to go with your product anywhere but that product has to be complying within heath and modren technology and marketting [here availability of lobals Standard Product in case of Packing Shipping and Customs etc] comforts and standards . The Rigid ity shoulds begin by receipt interaction as where is 'Bennaton' taking Sri Lankan Shirts or Where is Calvin Klein boots ,produced in Bangkok and flown to Dallas free of watches . Howcome Australia is exporting Beef to Punjabis? So FREETRADE was creating a kind of Transit Interaction fairly firstclass [Say International] of Production and Trade and the Capital Receipt stays in Washington or London! The FREETRADE does however coincide with my INDUSTRIALISATION ,but then how is world to understand ,,,,haha i read it ? The ..what i call NAFTA[NAF is tube which passes food from Preganant Mothers stomach to Boby] [a Root Canal] or NAFDEC [Earlier a National Film Development Corporation was created by Trudea Government in Canada ,here the movement of Market Products is visible to County Sheriff only or absulutely Invisible at all! and SAPTA [Septic Borders] are intermediation negative and in principle a hurdle and support the Regimes which are losing Government to Regional Power Rollers .

Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist. World Statesman.

Definitely France has reacted to 'Islamic Regime ,but France was infact an advocate of The International Conspiracy which's lawyers a Mr Martinue and Co [CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS]from France are seated well in Pakistan and followed to serve a Coup D Etat of Brigadier Imtiaz who announced he was about to blast Pakistan's then Primeminister Benazir Bhutto and her children with a Grenade . Imtiaz however walked into PM Office house easily considering himself a Hero but suddenly he could not secure Electronic Media and Petersburg looked like an 'empty jar' with a lonely girl holding knife spoon bread . The present Military Junta has many common grounds with Imtiaz too but a grand drama in Air and on Ground was staged before this batch could take charges de facto of Pakistan. The definition should be amplified to explain Islamic REgime was created by USA.s Henry Kissinger and Pakistan's Ali Bhutto .Ali Bhutto as he called in UK and France and favoritely spent fortunes on Seville Row suits and European Asessorie to improve his inferiority complex for feeling ordinary in Pakistan and win toasts from Eurpeon Tours. Kissinger/Bhutto created ISLAMIC CONFERENCE which cajoled Gaddafi ,Idi Amin and King Faisal, and other Hardliners but primarlity did thier duty of creating a regional vision for Washington! Bhutto who acted Secular announced Pakistan as an Islamic Republic ,he went over in authority from his 'dad' and Former Pakistani Military Dictator who was ousted by A Great Democratic Movement and his regime started behaving as Islamic Republic and over Ayubs family which however maintained thier Conventional ties with Muslim League . Bhuttos hoever returned to find themselves warning thier followers 'we are no more socialist but we advocate 'poor'.Bhutto was followed by another General from a lower strata of Panjabi Villagers 'Mullahs' and his Aryanism recreated Islamic Regime but on harder grounds with Fundamentalism and so many Islamic Groups with all kinds of Pyramidding and more conveneient towards USA and Americanism too . The Regime wasted very precious time rom USA USSR Cold War period and heldback 'Pakistani Confidence' uptil creating worst bloodshed allover Pakistan and provocating all kind of Prejeduce and Discriminations in name of Islamic Regime . Zia was followed by Direct US Rule of COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENTS of Bhuttos daughter backed by Harvard Oxford Third World Students and Professors ,and a Pakistani Business and Industrial Magnate with Middle Class Lahore family tendencies backed by Prince Abdullah now Monarch of Saudis . Both governments took chances to rule but failed to International Mafias and Carpetbagging .The Brig., Imtiaz [Discrimination] factor created a French [Fourth World] and UK [One even] class of globe walkers from BBC and Rueters etc who control IT and Education in General allover Pakistan that has enrolled a whole world of public from lowest earts with Christian Backgrounds and Islamic Names and Secular Homes ! Shahzada Sher SaddozaiGraphic Communication Technologist and World Statesman.
Here is my blog note to yesterday's Press Statement of PM Villepin. I hope you enjoy!
. The Republic must face The Nation as 2005 is new year to Napoleonites or Gaullists .What is The Republics name ,AND ARE THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYERS CHOKING OR LAUGHING THEN. ? France should be told at least There is One Regime and this is truth their cannot be Two Alleons or two Zionist counters the Illiad doesnt need be writ allover and Waterloo is single phase Trade Distributor but there cannot be allowed a International Power Distribution unless power is particularly defined! Republics are source of Power they never subjugated under a World Order unless there is a Conspiracy any division in Mankind today needs a Caption or leaves a tailgate . For long after the fall of 1857 Delhi the long march of public has reached the endhi galley of The Subjects Will Rule and All Will See!
Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist.World Statesman.